Being software defined means one thing, scalability. We work closely with industry partners to tailor our satellite radar system for each vertical and provide the most optimized sensor for any given use case.

# ZenCar for Automotive

ZenCar satellite radar system optimized for automotive ADAS, providing state-of-the-art performance at competitive automotive pricing. This system features four mid-range corner radars and two long-range forward / rear looking radars. The Combined Collaborative Imaging (CCI) radar software supports L2+ ADAS features as well as advanced L3 features, such as drivable area segmentation, AI based dynamic object tracking and classification.

Range: 350m

Resolution (Azimuth / Elevation): 0.11° / 1.67°

FOV (Azimuth / Elevation): 360° / 30°

Frame rate: 12 Hz

Operating Frequency: 76 - 81 GHz

# ZenCrop for Agricultural Automation

ZenCrop is a rugged satellite radar system designed to operate in dusty and cluttered agricultural environments. The system is capable of detecting and tracking farm works and animals; detecting small obstacles in the path (poles, boulders, etc). The high resolution radar output also provides a good localization solution during GPS outage.

Range: 100m

Resolution (Azimuth): 0.22°

FOV (Azimuth / Elevation): 360° / 50°

Frame rate: 10 Hz

Operating Frequency: 76 - 81 GHz