Zendar is accelerating ADAS performance with high resolution automotive radar.


Lidar-Quality Resolution with Small, Inexpensive Radars

Power your ADAS with enhanced object detection and tracking, long-range velocity information, and reliability in all weather and lighting conditions.

Zendar enables powerful ADAS capabilities at a lower cost, using simple radars and advanced software processing.

Distributed Aperture Radar (DAR) Unlocks 10x Radar Performance

Traditional automotive radar has been limited in aperture size due to vehicle design constraints. Since resolution is directly proportional to aperture size, automotive radar resolution has been poor, until now.

Distributed Aperture Radar delivers 10x higher resolution compared to current radar solutions due to its larger aperture, created by spacing multiple radar units apart on the vehicle.


Satellite Radar System Enhances Performance

Zendar uncouples signal processing from radar hardware, freeing automotive radar from performance limiting constraints. Advanced processing software runs on the vehicle's ADAS ECU while the radar sensors themselves remain small and inexpensive.

Central processing in the ADAS ECU enables advanced processing to coherently combine data from multiple radars, delivering the high-resolution of DAR technology.

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