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At Zendar, we are building the highest resolution automotive radar in the world. Our product combines the benefits of radar, such as long-range and all-weather operation, with the resolution of lidar.

We want to make autonomous driving safe and accessible for everyone.



We are hiring software and hardware engineers to join our growing team in Berkeley, CA. Our team believes true expertise stems from a beginner’s mind. We are looking for experienced people who approach challenges with a genuine motivation to learn.

See our current openings below. If you do not see a relevant position, we encourage you to send a resume to

Current Openings

We are looking for an intern to help us build out cloud infrastructure that will enable faster video processing and regression testing of our FPGA designs.

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We are looking for an FPGA Engineer to join our growing team in Berkeley, CA. The FPGA is the brains of our real-time radar acquisition system - controlling, collecting, and processing radar data. You will have broad responsibility for developing, testing, maintaining, and upgrading all aspects of this digital hardware.

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We are looking for a software engineer with experience in computer vision and machine learning. In this role, you will be responsible for extracting semantic information relevant for driving from our radar images, such as cars, pedestrians, curbs and drivable areas.

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