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At Zendar, we are building the highest resolution automotive radar in the world. Our product has the benefits of RADAR, such as long-range and all-weather operation, AND it sees at the resolution of LiDAR.

We want to make autonomous driving safe and accessible for everyone.



We are hiring software and hardware engineers to join our growing team in Berkeley, CA. Our team believes true expertise stems from a beginner’s mind. We are looking for experienced people who approach challenges with a genuine motivation to learn.

See our current openings below. If you do not see a relevant position, we encourage you to send a resume to

Current Openings

As a Software Engineer, you will be responsible for developing the linux host logic responsible for controlling the FPGA over PCIe. A variety of other sensors may be integrated with the Linux host, including GPS/INS, and vehicle CAN bus data, over USB and ethernet.

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As an FPGA Engineer, you will lead the acceleration of our radar signal processing algorithms on a custom FPGA platform. You will be responsible for major design decisions on this platform’s architecture and own its development roadmap. This includes developing software and toolflow infrastructure, integrating interface/logic IP blocks and implementing custom signal processing accelerators in RTL.

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As an Electrical Engineer, you will be responsible for designing, testing, and bringing up Zendar’s radar acquisition hardware. In this role, you will have significant design and test ownership over our radar acquisition hardware, including power generation, RF/mm-wave signaling, and high-speed interfaces.

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As a Research Engineer, you will be responsible for the research and development of novel radar imaging algorithms and software.

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As a Software Engineer, you will develop real-time imaging software and localization pipeline. You will be responsible for understanding research grade code in signal processing and optimizing it for a production system.

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